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Category: Peritoneal Cancer


  Peritoneal cancer is usually very difficult to diagnose, but it may be discovered during the examination or the surgical treatment of the primary tumor or when a patient develops symptoms related to peritoneal cancer. There is no specific examination that is ideal for diagnosing peritoneal…


Incidence of Peritoneal Carsinomatosis Peritoneal cancer is difficult to diagnose, especially because it often cannot be detected by radiological imaging. As a result, the incidence of peritoneal cancer has long been underestimated, and it was considered to be a very rare disease. Even today, the…


Peritoneal Carsinomatosis Symptoms The abdominal membrane (peritoneal) is covered with an epithelial-like abdominal membrane composed of a single cell layer, supported by the tissue connected to it; also called mesothelium. The parietal peritoneum includes organs suspended in the abdominal wall and visceral peritoneal lines. In…